Gold Investing Guide

Welcome to Our goal is to provide useful information for those who wish to invest in gold, particularly gold IRAs. With the vast amount of information available online, it is often times difficult to find up-to-date and accurate information. We have researched the pros and cons of investing in gold and shared the results here.

Gold IRA Rollover

Is Gold a Good Investment?

The short answer is, yes. Gold is a solid, long-term investment and here’s why:

  1. Paper currencies are known to fail. Eventually, every single paper currency fails. Paper currencies are backed by absolutely nothing and are used in every developed nation in the world today. When a currency is not backed by gold, hyperinflation is the inevitable.
  2. Liquidity. Gold can be sold for cash quickly. Also, the omnipresence of gold worldwide is unrivaled.
  3. Value retention. The value of gold does not change much even when the price of gold decreases because it is a commodity, and their is a fixed quantity of gold.
  4. Countries and governments are buying gold. China and India are buying massive quantities of gold to produce jewelry and electronics. Because of the steady demand, it will create a more stabilized price for gold.
  5. You can rely on gold. Historically, gold has been a good hedge of inflation. While paper investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) can become worthless in a short amount of time, precious metals have a genuine intrinsic value.

Investing in Gold

The best dollar hedge investment is and always will be gold. When the value of the dollar decreases, gold’s value will increase. The tangible value for gold will never change. Despite the popularity of paper currency, the world is on a “gold standard.”

For proper portfolio diversification, it is recommended to allocate 3%-10% in gold. Some financial managers advocate an allocation of up to 20%.

Gold plays an important role in a well diversified portfolio. The price of gold increases when the value of stocks and bonds falls.

How to Invest in Gold

Here are two ways to invest in gold:

  1. Buy gold and have physical delivery. Gold bullion (gold bars) and coins are the most popular types of gold items to purchase for investing.
  2. Buy gold for your retirement account. A gold IRA can diversify your retirement portfolio and has outperformed nearly all forms of paper investments, including the stock market and real estate.

Gold IRA Investing

Gold IRAs are a type of investment account in which currency is invested in and backed by gold. The popularity of gold IRA investing has risen over the past several years due to the high retention value of gold. Many times, a gold IRA account is preferable to standard IRA and retirement investment accounts.

Here is an example of gold IRA growth (since 2001):


Gold IRA Rollover

There are two options if you want to transfer from an existing IRA account:

  1. Gold IRA transfer.
  2. Gold IRA rollover.

A transfer can be done at any time with an existing IRA (if assets are going from custodian to custodian).

A rollover is when you are receiving the distribution from a retirement account and you deposit the funds into another retirement plan.

How to Buy Gold

Once you’ve decided to invest in gold, it is an easy process to carry out. To buy gold, contact a reputable gold IRA company. We highly recommend Regal Assets. You can setup an IRA account on their website. Request a free gold investing kit from them today.

Where to Buy Gold?

There are many places online where you can buy gold. As mentioned above, we highly recommend Regal Assets. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a five-star TrustLink rating.

Gold IRA Companies

Soon we will be releasing reviews on the best gold IRA companies for those who wish to transfer or rollover their IRAs into a gold investment. The reviews will include recommendations, best practices, warnings, BBB ratings, TrustLink ratings, and recommendation for cash loan Singapore.